About Us

Soapy Bears was thought of in 2020. During quarantine, the 3 Minnie weather Brothers came to mom with $100 in hand and asked mom, “what is your favorite thing mommy?” Mom replied, I love candles. The middle child handed mom the money and said, lets make some money by making our own candles and sell them to everyone, because if you like candles a lot of other moms must love candles too, right? But after 3 months into the making, mom decided not to proceed with candles because the youngest brother is way too active, and mom was scared he would end up burnt with the hot wax. So, after changing the name and product line twice, Soapy Bears came into existence.  We are currently offering bath bombs for “Female Bears”, “Male Bears”, &” Kids Bears”. We also offer Sugared Whipped Soap Scrubs and Whipped Soaps for “Adult Bears”. We use premium quality fragrance oils. All the designer fragrances are not the original deal, they are impersonations of the real deal. We hope you enjoy all our products, please share your pictures with Soapy Bear’s products with us on Instagram (Soapybearss)

If you would like a large quantity of products for your baby shower/ gender reveal with personal labels please email us info@soapybears.com for pricing and possible discounts.

With the purchase of $50 or more, a teacher of your choice will receive a FREE bath bomb from Soapy Bears. I love all my teachers!!

Everything at Soapy Bears is handmade and homemade with love! Thank you for supporting our small business.